Team Adventures – It is all in the name!

Team Adventures is a culmination of the outdoors & adventure expertise of GIO Adventures and Bluesky Learning. With over 19 years of experience, they have been industry leaders in conducting team outings in the Outdoors & Adventure space. We at Team Adventures use the expertise of these parent organizations to curate team outings for corporate.

GIO Adventures uses its on ground expertise to provide optimum outdoor experiences with the highest safety standards whereas Bluesky Learning provides the knowhow of team dynamics.

GIO Adventures

Established in 1999, GIO Adventures is India’s leading outdoors and active travel company with a mission of making offbeat destinations accessible to people who love discovering them. GIO Adventures enables outdoors enthusiasts to savour some of the best outdoors travel experiences across India, be it lush valleys, craggy mountains, high altitude cold deserts, winding rivers, dense forests, et al. GIO Adventures manages its own mountain lodges and deluxe camps in the Himalayas under the brand name Himalayan Eco Lodges, where one can savour a multitude of outdoor experiences with a lot of adventure thrown in including white water rafting, trekking, rope sports, mountain biking, kayaking, and many more. The team of highly experienced and motivated outdoor professionals are committed to delivering safe and engaging experiences with their intimate knowledge of the terrain as well as their extensive experience of working with a variety of clientele including families, children, amateur adventurers, and many more.

Bluesky Learning

Specialising in the use of the experiential learning platform, BlueSky Learning is committed to people transformation. It believes that beyond functional skills, it is the ability to work with others that determines the success at work. The core philosophy of Involve & Evolve governs all interactions and drives everything that BSL does with clients, partners and BSL as a team. The experiential learning products & services offered by BSL are centred around 3 key need areas of Team Building, Employee Engagement and Behavioural Competency Development. The innovative simulations, experiences, powerful learning tools, technology integration & end-to-end support to clients are the key differentiators offered by BSL. With more than 13 years of national & international programming experience, BSL boasts of an enviable client list which includes MNCs, Fortune 500 companies, PSUs, Educational Institutions, Start Ups and much more.

Balakrishnan R

Though born and bred in Kerala, in south of India, Bala’s knowledge of the Himalayan landscape leaves even the most well informed with a sense of bewilderment. Apart from being a co-founder and Director at GIO, his love for the outdoors often translates into him making trips into new and unchartered territories across India where his solitude would not be disturbed. With MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai, Bala utilizes his corporate skills to handle bulk of the domestic travel business and is also responsible for international marketing at GIO Adventures. A keen biker, Bala doesn’t hesitate to get on the road less traveled from where he derives inspirations for crafting diverse team experiences. The Team Adventures is a brain child of Bala who comes with over 18 years of expertise in the field of Outdoors & Adventure. Combined this with deep understanding of corporate attitudes has led him to curating exclusive team programs which promise to deliver non-imposed learning. Bala firmly believes that an outdoor experience is a great way to bring everyone out of their comfort zone and that each participant derives a unique self-discovery after a gruelling adventure break.

Balakrishnan R
Nalin Khanduri
Nalin Khanduri

Nalin’s passion for adventure is the reason behind the birth of GIO Adventures in 1999. He is also a founder of Himalayan Eco Lodges (a network of deluxe camps & mountain lodges). Though an accomplished engineer and management graduate from MBA from NMIMS, Mumbai, Nalin found his true calling in the outdoors. Having worked for 18 years in the field of Outdoors & Adventure, Nalin has trekked all across the Indian Himalayas, Bhutan, Nepal and rafted down most of the Himalayan rivers. Given a choice he would actually have his office in Mori at the foot hills of the Har-ki-dun valley. Nalin has been instrumental behind the success of GIO Adventures, which is now considered India’s leading adventure travel company. He brings his uncanny ability to spot great locations and the skills of planning & execution of trips to curate exclusive programs for Team Adventures. He has been featured on “Young Turks” on CNBC TV18 in 20XXX.

Bhaskar Thyagarajan

A director of GIO Adventures, Bhaskar is the chief architect of BlueSky’s experiential solutions platform which curates team building programs for youth, schools and organizations. Having worked in advertising & communications at Lowe India (formerly Lintas Advertising) & ESPN Star Sports into media & audience behaviour research has given him a solid grounding in consumer behavior and group dynamics. Bhaskar has been responsible for successfully taking BlueSky Learning employability and Life Skills product ‘Enhance’ to the market that integrates experiential learning with measurement and analytics. The product addresses a critical area in education; where individuals even with the required domain and functional skills find it difficult to get placed and if placed find it difficult to hold the job. The highly scalable model works on the logic of Build Operate Transfer and integrates different aspects of learning and measurement. Bhaskar uses his intuitive preference to look at generating new ways of creating lasting impacts from training programs. A sportsman all his life, Bhaskar has represented his University in Basketball, developed an interesting in running late in life and has been a regular at the Delhi half-marathon and other long distance events. A wildlife enthusiast and an amateur bird watcher, Bhaskar always attempts to find a way to enjoy the wilderness with minimal or no impact.

Bhaskar Thyagarajan
Field Team

Our office team of Binita, Vishal, Gurpreet, Maneesh and Sumit ensure that you get the best options for your programs. They work on minute details so that your team program a most memorable one. Even though they are desk jockeys, they are always looking out for opportunities to get into the outdoors themselves and are ever eager to be with you on a team break.

Our field team includes Durga Bantha, Govind Zinta, Jai Chand, Dixit Chauhan, Dinesh Gussain, Amit Dobhal, Dishendra Chauhan, Rajan Singh, Kushal Singh, Ravinder Chauhan, Yashpal Panwar, and many more. These trip leaders are the lynchpins of all our programs. They are instrumental in delivering an unparalleled “experience” in the outdoors. Their efforts ensure that each team member enjoys to the fullest and takes back a number of learnings that no formal program can provide.

These trip leaders are professional mountaineers; trained in dealing with adverse climatic situations and first aid assistance. In addition to their core skills of taming the mountains, they have travelled across the length and breadth of the country and abroad. They have interacted with all sorts of participants from amateurs, professionals, young adventurers, beginners, children, and families to corporates. They are the ones who will leave you hungry for more of the outdoors!!