Adventure Holiday for Holistic Wellness

We are living in an age where our lifestyle is limited to the office chair, our car and our phones. Our surroundings are so polluted that we cannot imagine walking to office or going for that morning jog. Recreational activities like sunday football, cycling, mountain climbing, all have been replaced by games on the xbox. Office bonding is limited to drinks at pubs. Holidays and travelling too is often considered synonymous with over-eating and weight gain. We are in a dire need to get our muscles working and that adrenaline pumping, to take a break from the mundane routine, to push our limits, to revive and reboot. What if we tell you that you can holiday your way to fitness? Go for camping/trekking into the beautiful forests and the mountains of India, trust us it will do you good in more than one way.

Fun in the Sun

The deficiency of Vitamin D is common amongst Indians. Vitamin D not only helps to strengthen the bones, but lack of being in the sun also makes a person feel sluggish. The best way to catch the sunshine is to holiday in the mountains. You will come back recharged and energetic. Make sure to use a sunscreen!

No Smog please

With the deteriorating quality of air, it is stressful for the lungs to breathe and not advisable to do any form of physical activity outdoors in the city. But the importance of a long walk, a jog, or yoga in fresh air cannot be emphasised enough. Plan an adventure holiday, in a beautiful location where you can do all of the above. Your skin will glow and your lungs will thank you! You will also come back with a clear head and thus be more productive at work

Trekking, a meditative experience

We all need to detox and de-stress and the best way to do it is to go on a trek. The Indian mountains provide plenty of options, be it Himachal, Uttrakhand or the hills in the south–a trek is the perfect way to cut off from social media and do a complete tech detox. We all need to reboot!

Get that Adrenaline pumping

Adrenaline rush is said to release hormones that make you happy. Go for a river rafting trip in Rishikesh or Skiing in Kashmir, there are plenty of options. We all have a child within us and it is most important to keep it happy and alive!

Team Bonding

You might be spending a lot of time with your colleagues at the office but the joy of bonding outside that environment is great! This will also help to unwind and perform better at work. Activities like camping, team trekking are great for team bonding.

Break the routine

Long office hours and daily traffic is what you go through everyday, it is great to break the routine every once in a while. To not wake up at the buzz of the alarm, to not have breakfast in a hurry, to waste the day on a hammock, to read a book thats been pending, to run up a hill, to kayak in the fresh waters or to ski down a slope.

The Perfect Prescription

Doctors around the world are now handing out park prescriptions for conditions ranging from heart disease to obesity to attention deficit disorder. Adventure travel takes park prescriptions to the next level.

Cope up better with work situations

Studies have shown that adventure travel increases the coping abilities of a person. You might have to deal with challenging situations during an adventure holiday, when things don’t go as planned. After tackling with bad weather, a torn tent, a canceled flight, a missed bus, you’ll gain the ability and confidence to manage life’s many obstacles.

So make your next offsite or your next family holiday an adventurous sojourn, it is not only fun but also a learning experience, that will enhance all your capabilities and renew your mind, your body and your soul

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