Getting out of the comfort zone goes a long way in team building

A disturbing trend is taking the working world by havoc. Employees are increasingly displaying their love for the routine. Anything which breaks their routine and gets them out of their cocoon of comfort is not welcomed. However, I should point this out clearly: there is no growth prospect in the safety net of the comfort zone. Facing your fears and doing things which scare you is the only way a person can develop oneself in the long run.

Nowadays, the life of working professionals is so hectic that they often end up getting their priorities messed up. Breaking the monotony of the routine and doing something unique and different gives them a much needed stress relief.

Nature comes to rescue in times of stress

The best way to shake up the routine is by providing professional teams with adventure breaks amidst nature. An outdoor getaway is the best possible way for team members to get to know each other better. The claustrophobia and limitations drawn up by the cubicle-bound work relationships get space to breathe in the outdoor. There is no office politics involved, no deadlines to meet in nature. Nature treats everyone equally.

The informal ambiance of the outdoor gathering in the backdrop of some picturesque location ensures the bosses, seniors and juniors bond better. Everyone gets opportunity to unwind and relax. The formal nature of the work relationships gets a chance to flower into long term friendships. Working with friends is always easier than working with people we don’t care about. Problems don’t seem big enough when friends are by our side. Long work hours don’t seem boring when we have the liberty to crack silly jokes with our colleagues. Outdoor getaways are the best option to spark up the relationship quotient among employees. Adding a pinch of adventure enhances the overall experience.

Break the ice and let the words flow

Overall, the atmosphere in offices is generally dry, sulky and cold. Employees don’t talk to each other unless they are absolutely required to. The rift between executives and the workforce toiling under them is high. Work pressure often pressurises the higher authorities to drop their humane face. Adverse situations ruin the possibility of any positive long term relationship. Outdoor team activities can provide an atmosphere where the management and employees can break the ice and come close to each other. They can form a real camaraderie which may last a lifetime.

There are several enjoyable adventure activities which can add the much needed zing to the participating teams and help them in getting to know each other well.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing can be considered one such adrenaline gushing activity. Rock climbing involves climbing up a rock patch in an attempt to reach its pinnacle. The sport requires a dedicated amount of mental and physical agility. The sport, when undertaken under the watchful eyes and guidance of an expert, can be very enjoyable. The feeling of achievement when the team finally scales the height is next to none.


Descending the traditional way along an almost vertical slope is too risky. Climbing down is the hardest part of an expedition. Most accidents in the history of rock climbing happened on the downward journey. So, to bring method and order in the downward descent, humans invented rappelling. Anchors are planted on strong boulders or on rock surfaces, then they are attached with ropes. A climbing harness is then attached to the waist of the person rappelling down. As safety measures, helmets, knee pads, shoes and gloves should be worn by the rappelling enthusiast doing the activity. This sport requires enormous team effort, trust and mutual understanding.


Both the above mentioned adventure outings need a considerable amount of physical fitness. If someone is not ready for these hardcore adventures then trekking and camping provide good alternatives. Trekking through quaint valleys with the hills and maybe a river as constant companion is inspiring to say the least. Trekking is the best activity to discover hidden locales and meet villagers of localities tucked away in the wilderness. Interaction with the locals of these remote areas brings a much needed context to life in general and can be an incredibly deep bonding experience for the participating team. Also, trekking boosts the participant’s navigational skills. Nothing can beat the feeling of making outdoor discoveries with colleagues together.


Camping is an inevitable part of multiday trek trips. Being exposed to the most basic living conditions, campers often end up picking up new skills like learning the art of cooking. Camp sites are located far away from civilization which ensures no light pollution. So, on a new moon night, one might get a chance of glancing at the Milky Way if the sky is clear.

There is no substitute for adventure activities in the outdoor as a better team building exercise. Ditch the work desk and embrace outdoors to unleash your team’s full potential.

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