Need to escape from busy routine? Escape into the outdoors for rejuvenation

Heading back home on a Friday evening is the best thing everyone looks forward these days. As we long for a 2 day weekend, we look back and think how our past week went. All we did is work in a tough corporate job for long hours, probably stretching more than 10 hours, some days without a break. No time to relax or unwind, no time to break from the stress and do something exciting. We crunched those numbers, wrote long lines of code in a never ending program in a laptop and very much unwilling to experiment or come out of our comfort zones. If it was a start-up, the work pressure was just a whole lot more with the hours stretching through the night.
The urge to go outside, indulge in some good adventurous activities or even relax at a pool, stretch those tired muscles is the need of the hour. We work hard so much that we don’t even have time to get to know our fellow colleagues. They may be a bunch of quite interesting people and only when you have time to relax and talk to them, you’ll actually get to know them. This is however quite impossible in the current corporate environment and may happen only if you participate in some form of team bonding activities.
If you are looking for a great idea that can help you break the shackles from your monotonous corporate life and do something radically different, it’s Team Adventure!

So how does outdoor activity rejuvenate people?

Remember how a stroll in park, a walk in the beach or even a good run can be super refreshing both for the body and the soul. Nature, at its purest, can work wonders for your mind, removes all the stress you had and gets you to unwind. The fresh unpolluted air and pure mineral water flowing through the streams can be a better medicine than even the most advanced treatments.
The recent smog situation in many cities across north has left many a people in bad health. The air quality is so bad that you actually need an air purifier in your own home or office to breathe normally. The only cure for this is to go out of station for a couple of days with your team/, forget about work and stress and indulge in those precious moments. A dose of fresh air, an adventurous trekking and hiking exercise in the morning followed by a “bridge slithering” activity can get those lazy muscles up and running. The night ends with a campfire, fresh barbecue and of course some nice music to dance.

Key Benefits of Outdoor Team Activities:

Such an occasional activity, helps you to discover yourself, the real You. It helps you to conquer fear, boost immense amount of confidence and more importantly pushes you out of the comfort zone. It helps you to realize the attention to look after your body , stay fit and healthy. Such adrenaline pumping activities boosts your confidence and self-motivation and definitely overcomes the fear of failure.

Here’s what you gotta do:
  • Gather your team on a break time or during lunch.
  • Explore the possibility of a team outing that involves team building activities, adventure, some relaxing moments and more importantly having a lot of fun.
  • Once they are all kicked about this idea, plan a perfect date which suits everyone and devoid of meetings / conference calls and the likes.
  • Now comes the more important decision: Where to go, that gives a complete , all-included , adventure experience at an affordable price range that suits all.
  • Usually office outings are all about a boring team lunch in a nearby restaurant or a Friday drinks at the bar.
  • An immediate top of the mind recommendation would be Team Adventures. They offer plenty of unique team bonding and team travel activities that can definitely offer a fantastic & memorable experience. These include camp based treks in exotic locations, rock climbing activities, rafting, surfing experiences to name a few
  • If you’re wondering how these activities could be, here’s a sneak peek into the adventure you are missing out on :
    For more information on such programs, do contact them here :

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