Push the limit with TeamTreks
  • 2-5 days of trekking in the Himalayas
  • Treks are planned, depending on the experience & fitness level of team members
  • Emphasis on LNT (Leave No Trace) and Responsible Travel
  • Our professional instructors have explored Himalayas for years
  • Having walked the trails and camped on all the spots, they know the terrain well
  • No more boring offsite with drinks & meals!
Trekking in the mountains will challenge your endurance…let us help you push beyond limits!
Thrilling TeamTrek activities to get your adrenaline pumping!!
  • Pre-trek planning sessions in office gets everyone in the groove
  • Excitement starts with choosing & setting up a campsite, building a campfire and self-cooking basic meals
  • Learn-a-Skill: Ropes & Knots, Setting a temporary shelter, and Wilderness Navigation
  • Learn the tricks of Outdoor Survival from qualified mountain guides
Trekking & Camping
Choosing & setting up a campsite
Building a campfire
Self-cooking basic meals
Learn-a-Skill: Ropes & Knots
Setting a temporary shelter
Wilderness Navigation
Activities curated for unique “Outdoor Quotient” of each member … so no one feels left out!
TeamTrek in spectacular Locations
Put your trust in us and we promise to take you on cloud nine!
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